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Contrôle Officiel des Chronomètres is an independent non profit testing body for watches manufactured in Switzerland to defined accuracies.


Black Diamond-Like Coated hardened stainless steel.

Domed crystal

A convex pane of clear glass-like material (usually artificial sapphire) covering a watch’s dial.


Energy from the mainspring is restrained by the escapement to help control the gear train. At the same time the escapement provides further energy to the balance spring where unavoidable losses due to friction are compensated. Contemporary wristwatches usually contain the pallet escapement which consists of the escapement wheel and its pinion.

Faraday cage

A unique mechanism developed by Bremont consisting of a soft-iron housing in which the movement is cushioned, routing magnetic fields around the movement.


The Flyback function allows an ongoing time measurement to be interrupted and a new one to be started instantaneously by merely pressing a button. It combines three steps – stop, reset to zero and restart – into one. In chronographs without the Flyback function, these three steps must be executed consecutively. This function was originally invented in the early days of aviation. The concept behind the complex function dates back to the era when flight-deck crews still navigated with maps and watches and often had to react very quickly to suddenly occurring events.


Greenwich Mean Time (GMT), or Zulu time (Z).  is used as the standard clock of choice for international reference time in communications, military, aviation, maritime and other activities that cross time zones.


Incabloc is a shock absorption system used in pocket and wristwatches.

Index (Adjustment)

A device which can be used to set the rate of a watch by changing the effective length of the balance spring in the oscillation system.


To minimise friction in the most important bearings, jewels are fixed to the anchor pallets and ellipse. A movement with a large number of jewels does not necessarily mean that the movement is of particularly high quality.