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Anti-magnetic watches

Watches that continue to operate (with deviations under particular limits) when exposed to the influence of magnetic fields of a certain strength may be called anti-magnetic according to DIN.

Anti-shock movement mount

A unique rubberised mount which encloses and secures the watch movement in a case connected to the outer case solely by a flexible ring. Shocks to the watch allow the movement case to float and absorb much of the shock energy.

Automatic winding

A watch in which the mainspring is wound by harnessing the movement of the wearer’s arm/wrist. These movements cause the rotor (an oscillating weight) to rotate and wind the mainspring.

The Bremont Wright Flyer: A first in every sense of the word

Bremont unveils ultimate aviation watch featuring original material from the 1903 Wright Flyer, plus its first in-house movement

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Juwelier Bouman

Bremont is pleased to announce its retail partnership with Juweiler Bouman

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Bremont competition with The Watch Gallery

Win a Flight Experience with Bremont

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If you wish to join in the success that ADs all over the world are experiencing with the Bremont brand please contact us for an informal discussion.

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An Exclusive Evening with Giles English & Ben Saunders

Polar Explorer Ben Saunders speaks at The Watch Gallery in London

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Bremont Boutiques

Enjoy the Bremont experience and view the full collection of watches at our luxury boutiques in London Mayfair and City of London, and Hong Kong.