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This can occur when a watch is subjected to a magnetic field. A magnetic field can emate from a variety of different sources in day to day life. Computer hard drives, medical equipment, large speaker systems, refrigerator doors, magnetic tablet cases, mobile phones, magnetic catches on handbags to name a few can all emit magnetic fields. Magnetism may lead to excessive rate gain which can cause a watch to run fast or stop entirely.  Magnetic fields do not cause permanent damage and minor intervention only is required to return your Bremont to it’s usual excellent standard.

Mechanical watches

Watches that are powered by a mainspring whereby the oscillating system runs purely on a mechanical basis, e.g. balance or pendulum.

Mohs hardness scale

This scale was devised to divide the whole spectrum of hardness using a scale of 1 to 10. “1” stands for a very soft material (talcum) and “10” for the hardest material (diamond).