Britain has been home to more advances in horology than any other nation. Bremont is determined to play a leading role in the reinvigoration of the industry.


Any well-designed and well-made mechanical device, whether a vintage aircraft, car or clock, should theoretically work as well as it did the day it first came off the production line - if it has been well looked after. A Bremont watch is no different.


Nick and Giles have been keen flyers their whole lives, as well as spending years running a business restoring and operating vintage aircraft. They have also continued their father’s passion for displaying vintage aircraft at air shows. The love of aviation and its uncompromising demands are both inherent in every Bremont watch.


Bremont is built on precise timekeeping. Only the highest quality components are used in our movements. Every watch bearing the Bremont name is chronometer-tested, further subjected to a rigorous quality control programme and fully COSC-certified. And each is guaranteed to within -4 + 6 seconds per day.


A mechanical watch that looks at home in the boardroom. Yet one with the capability to cope in the harshest environments. Durability was one of our core principles at the very start. Over a decade later, it still inspires the design and testing of our watches. Which is why we are one of the few watch-makers to offer a 3-year warranty on every timepiece.


The Mechanical Watch

Bremont is built on precise timekeeping. Only the highest quality components are used in our movements. Every watch bearing the Bremont name is chronometer-tested, then further subjected to a rigorous quality control programme.

The only exceptions are some of our limited edition pieces, which undergo a stringent testing programme that is well inside the COSC parameters. It goes without saying that these movements contain chronometer specification parts. 


Watches are the most precise mechanical devices on the planet. Bremont aims to keep it that way. Our watches are all subjected to rigorous testing at our workshop. For example, chronometer certifications take 15 days to complete over several different temperature ranges and watch positions. The average daily variation rate must be between -4 and +6 seconds. With 86,400 seconds in a single day, it means every single Bremont watch is 99.998% accurate.

Every watch in our core range is accompanied by a performance certificate issued by the 'Contrôle Officiel Suisse des Chronomètres' (COSC). The certificate confirms that the mechanical movement has passed each of the rigorous precision tests necessary for the chronometer designation.