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Please note: By placing an order with us you are automatically accepting our Global Bremont Watch Military Division Terms and Conditions; To ensure the exclusivity and eligibility of all Bremont Military watch projects, a Bremont Military special watch must be purchased by squadron and crew members of this specific organisation only and must not be bought with the intention of resale onto the open market within the 3 years warranty period. If this is the case, the watch warranty will automatically be void.

Please enter the applicable amount above and click on the ADD TO YOUR BASKET button to proceed to the deposit payment for your military edition watch order. Bremont will be automatically notified of your payment.

This function is for deposit payments only, if your billing/shipping address changes over the course of your order please email, do not update this site. Thank you. 

A fixed cancellation transaction fee of £25 will be incurred if the order is cancelled following deposit payment. 

Product Description

PLEASE NOTE: This product is exclusively for pre-authorised military personnel only.