Ben Saunders completes Scott's Terra Nova Expedition

The Longest Man-Hauled Polar Journey in History

On Friday 7th February at 01.15am GMT, timed by Bremont, Ben Saunders and Tarka L'Herpiniere have re-written history as they completed, for the first time ever, the ill-fated journey of Captain Robert Falcon Scott’s iconic Terra Nova expedition. Having trekked 1,795 miles across the inhospitable landscape of Antarctica on a return journey to the South Pole and back, Ben and Tarka have achieved the world record for the longest polar journey on foot in history.

The journey, which has taken a total of 105 days (just over ¼ of a year), has pushed the limits of physical and mental fortitude and reset the bar for polar expeditions of the future. Long standing Bremont ambassador Ben and his team mate Tarka hauled sleds with a starting weight of almost 200kg each and walked on average 17 miles daily in temperatures as low as -46oC wind chill.

Ben Saunders, pictured here wearing his Bremont watch whilst calling home from his tent said, “It is almost impossible to comprehend what we have achieved. Completing Scott’s Terra Nova expedition has been a life-long dream and I’m overcome to be standing here at the finish. The journey has been a mammoth undertaking that has tested the bounds of our bodies and minds each and every day.”

Bremont is thrilled to have been supporting Ben & Tarka in completing the extraordinary feat, not to mention a fantastic opportunity for these remarkable adventurers to be testing one of our new watches in such extreme climate conditions.

Congratulations Ben & Tarka!