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Bremont Co-Founder Nick English today helped welcome the Duchess of Cambridge to Bletchley Park in order to celebrate the transformation and completion of the heritage site, restoring it to its World War Two glory. The £8 million, Heritage Lottery Funded restoration project, has seen more building work on the site than at any time since 1944, at the peak of war.

Bremont worked with the Bletchley Park Trust to create the ‘Codebreaker’; a historically and mechanically important Limited Edition watch. This 2013 Bremont limited edition incorporates historical artefacts from Bletchley Park and a percentage of the proceeds have been used towards the restoration of Bletchley Park. It is a great privilege for Bremont to have been asked to meet the Duchess of Cambridge and present to her the Codebreaker watch.

Nick English, Co-Founder, Bremont; “It's been a great honour to work with Bletchley Park on the Codebreader watch and do our little bit to support the incredible restoration work that has gone on. For the Duchess of Cambridge to also to be so passionate about Bletchley Park was wonderful to see and lovely that she was interested in knowing more about Bremont and what we had done with the Codebreaker watch.”

The work carried out over the last year allows visitors to experience what it was like for the Codebreakers working at Government Code and Cypher School during WW2. It has turned derelict buildings which were almost lost to history entirely into a fitting, permanent tribute to the thousands of men and women whose hard work, diligence and innovation helped shorten the war and changed the way we all live today.

Codebreaking Huts 3 and 6, where Enigma messages sent by the German Army and Air Force were decrypted, translated and analysed for vital intelligence, have been lovingly restored to their wartime condition. They tell the stories of what happened inside them through the use of light-touch interpretation such as sounds, projected images and authentic set dressing.

Block C, where Hollerith punch-card machines carried out rapid analysis of encrypted message systems to assist the Codebreakers, has been returned to its wartime appearance and atmosphere, and is now a vibrant new Visitor Centre with an introductory exhibition, Secrets Revealed - Introducing Bletchley Park, plus shop, cafe and all necessary comforts for Bletchley Park’s hundreds of thousands of visitors.

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