Bremont and the military

An update from Bremont's military department on some of the elite squadrons we've been working with

Bremont continues to be kept busy working with many military units around the world. The growing desire for a robust and accurate mechanical timepiece keeps growing and a number of very interesting military projects have passed through the workshop in recent weeks. Some we can talk about, others we can’t, but one thing they all have in common is their ability to push our development and production teams to the maximum.

Recent projects (that we can tell you about) include CH–47 Chinook, AAC LYNX, US and UK Special Forces, Royal Navy Clearance Divers, F–22, VMFA-323, VAW-115, VFA-102, Royal Australian Navy and Royal Australian Air Force.

It is such an honour for Bremont to be working with these elite military units around the world. If you are in the military and would like to find out more please contact

Bremont Military Facebook Page