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Bremont's 2014 April Fool saw the release of the Bremont A1; The world's first mechanical smart watch. Here are a selection of the emails to our (now retired) Head of R&D, Rollo Piaf.

"Fantastic Guys, one if the best 1st Aprils I have seen in a long long time!!"

"Well done"

"Your all mad! 
Keep up the great work."

"Haha! Great April Fool's joke :)"

"The Dorset commercial team would like to place an order for 18 A1's. It will be ideal as our new team watch especially the sphygmomanometer to help monitor blood pressure! "

"Congrats on your April, 1 joke :)"

"Can't wait for the update"

"Maybe by next year it will have a magnet that can undo zips on dresses."

"HA HA - thank you for a nice smile today ☺ "

"Greatest watch in the history of man.
I must have!"

"Dear Mr Piaf,

I was reading the newspaper (telegraph) with my dad and we started to read your advert about your "new watch" and were very curious as to if it was real. We both thought the advert was very strange, then dad spotted the anagram at the bottom of the page and we realised we'd been April fooled! We both laughed for a very long time, even the woman at the counter read it and had a little chuckle. My dad and I thought it was a great addition to April fools day and made our boring tuesday nights a lot more interesting."

"I bow to the Jedi Master of April Fools pranks – I am not worthy.  That announcement on TZ Industry News really made my day."