Bremont Codebreaker Launch Party

Bremont were incredibly proud and excited to host the Codebreaker launch party at Bletchley Park

Guests went back in time for the evening as they listened to the brass band playing wartime tunes and sipped on Chivas cocktails. Tours of the park that included live demonstrations of the Bombe and Enigma machines added to the atmosphere and gave an amazing insight to the exceptional work carried out that made such an enormous impact on the war effort.

Special guests on the night included veterans from Bletchley Park who spoke of their time working as Bombe machine operators and cryptanalysts before revealing the Bremont Codebreaker limited edition watch.

Nick English speaking to Veteran Jean Valentine about her experiences at Bletchley Park.

Bremont were proud to have Winston Churchill join them for the evening.

Guests being treated to a live demonstration of the Bombe machine during one of the guided tours.

Bremont guests enjoying the 1940’s atmosphere.

David of the Bremont watchmaking team answering guests questions.

Unveiling of the Bremont Codebreaker with Bletchley Veteran Jerry Roberts.

For information on the watch click here.