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Bremont Sea King

The Westland Sea King first flew in May 1969, and will continue to serve with the Royal Navy and Royal Air Force until its planned retirement in 2016. The Sea King has been deployed to every UK conflict since the Falklands War in 1982, while maintaining its most recognised role as the mainstay of the UK’s domestic Search And Rescue force.

Only 180 Bremont Sea King chronometers will be produced, the same number as Sea Kings built by Westland. As well as carrying the iconic profile of a Sea King on the face, each watch will have an individual aircraft’s serial number engraved on the case back and the words "Sea King"  engraved on the rotor. The new Bremont Sea King watch project is a unique and bespoke watch available to current and retired Sea King crew members.

Bremont has always had a very tight working relationship with the military and, as a result, operates very closely with multiple elite crew and squadrons around the world such as the B-2, USNTPS, F-22, C-17, B-52, Apache 3 Regiment AAC, VFA-81, VFA-11, 29(R) Typhoon Squadron, 30-RS, to name a few. Bremont helps them develop bespoke mechanical chronometers that closely mirror their Squadron’s DNA. Working in line with Bremont’s core principles, Bremont has been able to do something that no other luxury watch brand has been able to do - deliver watches that are uncompromisingly Bremont, but also very unique on a squadron level. Click here to read more on Bremont and the military.