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Bremont’s budget box

Bremont has created a unique watch case inspired by the Budget box which is famously held up for the photo-shoot outside 11 Downing Street before the Chancellor of the Exchequer announces his annual budget plans to Parliament.

The Bremont box is an exact replica of the box which is traditionally made from pine, lined with black satin and then covered with scarlet leather. The very first Budget box or ‘Gladstone box’ was made for William Ewart Gladstone in 1860. The box was lined with lead to ensure that it sank when thrown overboard in the event of capture and also makes it completely bomb proof. With Bremont enthusiasts amongst those who like to jump out of planes and climb up mountains, a replica of an indestructible watch case seemed the perfect fit!

The box has been hand made in England and locks on the bottom, just as the Budget box does, which guarantees that it is secure before it is carried. The Bremont box can be custom made to any specification, as well as colour, and can secure up to 10 watches. It is available at the Bremont Boutique in Mayfair.