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  • Chronometers

    All of our watches are hand made in limited numbers and individually registered by Bremont. Our watches will appeal to those who have passion for and appreciation of the innovation and mastery behind a beautiful mechanical wristwatch.

    Tested Beyond Endurance
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  • 3 Year Warranty

    A mechanical watch is inherently complicated but we have complete confidence in our product and we are one of the few companies to offer a 3 year warranty on all our watches.

    Tested Beyond Endurance
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Limited Editions

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  • Bremont only makes small numbers of watches each year across total range so all our watches are only made in limited volumes. We do however on occasions produce a watch that is very limited in numbers and is distinctively different from our core range. The key defining factors that we set ourselves here is to create a watch that we feel passionate about and has some real uniqueness to it. Our first limited edition the EP120 is a prime example, the Spitfire is not only iconic in our minds but EP120 was owned by a friend of our fathers and is one of the most famous Spitfires flying.



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  • Tested Beyond Endurance
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