Bremont made many visits to Seattle and Chicago to discuss the Bremont Boeing collaboration. After multiple meetings with Boeing’s executives, engineering and design teams, it was suggested that Bremont visit the University of Sheffield’s Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre (AMRC) in the UK. As a founding partner in the centre, Boeing realised that Bremont would find kindred spirits there.

The AMRC was set up to identify, research and resolve advanced manufacturing, machining and material challenges. Nick English described the benefit to Bremont: “We wanted the watches to be special and unique within our range whilst adhering to our core principles like longevity, robustness and the aviation DNA that runs through our brand. When we talked to AMRC we fell in love with what they are doing. They were about being as efficient as you can with manufacturing processes, and they’re spending a lot of time on the materials. That was a very interesting thing for us as a brand and enabled us to start experimenting on what we could do with these watches. The end result was us designing a watch and using AMRC’s expertise on the materials and the manufacturing process. We started to work with this exciting new steel used in some parts of the case. It’s harder, stronger steel than previous watch grade steels and through other treatments we’re getting the corrosion resistance we wanted as well.”

Bremont joined AMRC as a research member but soon took the partnership further: “We realised that AMRC are very focused on similar things to us. For example, they’re very passionate about bringing back manufacturing to the UK which is something Bremont is devoted to. We are based at Henley-on-Thames and have a facility for making parts in Silverstone. All our watches are made here in the UK.” To further this aim and bring back as much watch manufacturing to British shores as feasible, Bremont created a role at AMRC for a PhD research student to work at the Centre and investigate watch parts and movement manufacturing processes. As Nick concludes, “The relationship has become a lot deeper than we first thought possible which is really wonderful”.