Much of Bremont Watch Company’s DNA is deeply rooted in aviation. Co-Founders Nick and Giles English, both pilots themselves, set out to make high quality watches of classic design durable enough to withstand any pressures an aviator’s timepiece may endure. Now Bremont has partnered with aerospace giant The Boeing Company and is delighted to present the debut timepieces from the Bremont Boeing range: the Model 1 and Model 247.

When Boeing started searching for a watch partner, it was evident that they were wanting a lot more than simply a branded watch. The quality of Bremont’s work made it clear that the two companies would make ideal collaborators. Over the last decade, for example, Bremont has manufactured limited edition timepieces in tribute to aircraft under the Boeing Company umbrella, like for example, the North American P-51. Bremont has also been working extensively with the military. Pilots serving globally from Alaska to Antarctica proudly wear Bremont watches designed and manufactured especially for their squadrons.

Timepieces have been designed to celebrate flying machines like the Boeing AH-64 Apache gunship and CH-47 Chinook helicopters, the large military transport C-17 Globemaster and state of the art jet fighters like the Boeing F-15 Eagle (below), F/A-18 Hornet and Super Hornet. At any moment, a Bremont will be airborne somewhere in the world keeping precise time for its pilot owner, even in the harshest of environments.

Bremont is renowned for its exclusive limited edition watches which incorporate history into beautiful chronometers. In 2009 the company produced a watch dedicated to a World War Two fighter legend, the iconic P-51 Mustang ‘Fragile but Agile’. A Pacific Theatre veteran, parts of original aluminium from this Mustang were incorporated into the watch build. When Boeing saw Bremont’s classic yet subtle treatment of history with the P-51 Limited Edition, it was a deciding factor in selecting Bremont as the perfect partner to commemorate the rich history of their brand. Discussions between Bremont and Boeing began a number of years ago.They quickly discovered a shared ethos regarding innovation and design.