Bremont partners with Mako Boardsports on a special edition run of Mako Slingshot jetboards

The Mako Slingshot is a quick and agile carbon fibre jet-propelled surfboard complete with the right combination of sophisticated technology and sleek design aesthetic. The special edition Bremont Slingshot is exclusively available at Bremont's Mayfair Boutique.


Like Bremont, Mako Boardsports are committed to reinvigorating British Engineering. Using their prowess in technical innovation, Mako Boardsports, a technology-focused manufacturer of motorised watercraft, has created a new generation of jetboard: The Mako Slingshot. With its real shortboard feel, the Mako Slingshot combines agile rider-active handling with stability and drive. The sleek herringbone carbon fibre exterior conceals a muscular heart that beats pure power and can launch riders to speeds in excess of 30mph. The Slingshot is playful, easy-to-ride and offers heart-pounding thrills on every wave, opening the door to an entirely new level of surfing experience.

Engineering and Craftsmanship

A subsidiary of Gilo Industries Group, Mako’s technology-first approach focuses on applying the most cutting-edge design, engineering and materials to set high performance and quality standards for its products. The Mako Slingshot is a masterful and intuitive blend of three core fundamentals: advanced hydrodynamics, premium composite materials and aerospace manufacturing technology. A next generation surfboard achieved by relentlessly engineering each detail so that all the elements work harmoniously together including those subtle details that are not so obvious, just simply experienced. 

The expertise in each action, repeated a thousand and one times; the value placed on select premium materials; the attention given to the tiniest of details and the desire to push back the limits, all play their part in achieving that perfect form and absolute function. In an age of digital production and automated assembly, Mako stays committed to creating a hand-assembled, hand-finished jetboard for one simple reason... there is no better way to craft such an exacting product. The choices made by masterly craftsmen and designers are decisive and express an ability to create excellence with an aura of the special.


Bremont is exclusively selling a special edition of the Mako Slingshot in the Mayfair Boutique, the only store to be displaying and selling these. Stop by for a glass of English Sparkling Wine and to view this stunning feat of engineering along with the Bremont collection of timepieces.


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