Bremont and The Royal Marines Commando

Bremont Special Military Project: The Royal Marines Commando

The Bremont Royal Marines Commando commemorates 350 years of history that was described by Churchill as “...long, rough and glorious...”. It is a mechanical watch containing DNA closely matching that of the men it has been designed for and that truly resonates with Bremont's own mantra; Tested Beyond Endurance.

Bremont are pleased to be able to support the Royal Marines Charitable Trust Fund by donating a very limited number of watches for auction with all proceeds going to the charity. This will be the only opportunity for members of the public to purchase one of these unique and limited chronometers and feel part of what Churchill called “The finest Corps in the World.”

Bremont has always had a very tight working relationship with the military and, as a result, operates very closely with multiple elite crew and squadrons around the world such as the B-2, USNTPS, F-22, C-17, B-52, Apache 3 Regiment AAC, VFA-81, VFA-11, 29(R) Typhoon Squadron, 30-RS, to name a few. Bremont helps them develop bespoke mechanical chronometers that closely mirror their Squadron’s DNA. Working in line with Bremont’s core principles, Bremont has been able to do something that no other luxury watch brand has been able to do - deliver watches that are uncompromisingly Bremont, but also very unique on a squadron level. Click here to read more on Bremont and the military.