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British Watches

Great Britain has a wonderful history when it comes to watch making and has probably been the home to more advances in horology than any other nation. Bremont is determined to play a pivotal role in the reinvigoration of this industry on British shores. Our goal has always been to bring back as much of the process to the UK as possible and our watches are all designed, manufactured and assembled in England. That includes most of the bespoke parts used in our limited editions, as well as our hand-made leather packaging.

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ALT1-P2 BL BR Front
Bremont-ALT1-C-BL-Front 180226 091852 e7457322-60f0-4951-b5d9-27eedd2bb36c
ALT1-C CR BR Front
Bremont ALT1-C PB Front
ALT1-WT BL Front
ALT1-P2 BL Front
ALT1-P2 CR Front
ALT1-P2 CR BR Front
ALT1-C AN BR Front
ALT1-ZT 51 BR Front
ALT1-ZT BR Front
ALT1-B BR Front
ALT1-C-BL-BR Front
Bremont-ALT1-C-WH-BK-Front 180226 092632
ALT1-B-Front 170412 164658
ALT1-C CR Front
ALT1-C AN Front
Bremont ALT1-C PW Front
ALT1-ZT Front