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Chronograph Watches

A chronograph watch enables precision timing. With aviation in our DNA, the Bremont collection features a range of chronograph complications to satisfy pilots or others requiring the ability to precisely measure time elapsed. In Greek, chronograph literally translates as ‘time writer’. Additional sub-dials on your timepiece provide a stopwatch function, giving you the option to record hours, minutes and seconds and enabling you to make additional time, speed or distance related calculations. Perhaps best known as aviators’ watches, chronographs are equally popular with divers, travellers, automobile racers, sailors and submariners. At Bremont, we understand the requirement for accuracy. Our chronograph watches for men are engineered to provide precision timing alongside classic Bremont design.
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ALT1-C RG Front Sold out


ALT1-C Rose Gold

DH-88 RG Front Sold out
WF RG Front


Concorde G-BOAA 4

Memories of Concorde

She halved the time of Trans Atlantic flights, setting a world record of 2 hours 52 minutes and 59 seconds from New York to London and enabled civilians to break the sound barrier in comfort and style. Her pilots witnessed the...

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