Bremont SOLO Hero Ladies Watches

Ladies' Watches

At Bremont, we do not consider a ladies watch to be merely an additional piece of jewelry. We are passionate about producing elegant but functional luxury watches for men in line with our unwavering principles of durability, legibility and precision. Without compromise, we apply the same high standards to our range of ladies watches. Based closely on our core collection, these models feature narrower watch faces and thinner cases to better suit a ladies wrist. Each watch is chronometer certified by the COSC and with our classic Bremont design, will look sophisticated in every situation.
SOLO-32 LC WH Buffalo Front Sold out


SOLO-32 LC White

SOLO-32 LC WH Bracelet Front Sold out
SOLO-32 AJ WH Lizard Front Sold out


SOLO-32 AJ White

SOLO-32 AJ WH Bracelet Front Sold out
SOLO-32 AJ BK Buffalo Front Sold out


SOLO-32 AJ Black

SOLO-32 AJ BK Bracelet Front 1dad20ea-53cb-4e5b-a6bc-09310d6d950e Sold out


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