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Pilot Watches

What makes the ultimate pilots’ watch? Inspired by their own love of flying, Bremont co-founders Nick and Giles English set out to answer this question. The story of pilots and their wristwatches began when the first aviators took flight over a century ago. Initially used for navigation, the complexity of pilots’ watches developed in line with aviation’s technological advances. Now we can reach the highest altitudes at supersonic speeds, but a pilot’s watch will always be vital equipment. At Bremont we are passionate about aviation. We take inspiration from all aspects of its magnificent heritage. Our pilots’ watches form the core of our collection and are lovingly engineered to be functional with finesse, whether in the hangar or heading for the clouds.
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ALT1-C Blue

ALT1-C-BL-BR Front Sold out
ALT1-P2 BL Front


ALT1-P2 Blue

ALT1-P2 BL BR Front Sold out
ALT1-WT BL Front


ALT1-WT Blue

ALT1-WT BL BR Front Sold out
U-2 BL Front


U-2 Blue

U-2 BL BR Front Sold out