The role of the Spitfire at Dunkirk

Bremont Ambassador and Owner of The Aircraft Restoration Company, John Romain, was responsible for providing and flying some of the aircraft in the new Christopher Nolan blockbuster, Dunkirk.

The RAF flew a total of 3,500 sorties at Dunkirk, shooting down enemy planes before they could reach the beaches. The Spitfire was fundamental to the 'Dunkirk Miracle', helping to save over a third of a million soldiers. Built for high speed manoeuvres, the Spitfire saw off the German Messerschmitt fighters, making escape possible for the men on the ground.


Bremont launched its collection of beautifully crafted and durable pilot’s watches in 2007 after 5 years in development. Founded by two British brothers, Nick and Giles English, Bremont was inspired by their love of flying historic aircraft, of watches and all things mechanical. The passion for aviation has coursed through the founders' veins from very early in their childhoods. When they weren't flying old aircraft, they were making things in the workshop of their gifted father.

Occasionally we embark on a very special project to produce something that is uniquely different and extremely limited in volume. Our first Limited Edition watch, the EP120 is named after and contains parts of, a famous 1942 Spitfire Mk V aircraft, possibly the most credited WWII fighter in existence.

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