I first heard about Bremont watches several years ago and, like Hackett, it is a relatively new brand but one with gravitas and credibility that belies its years. I was drawn to their pilots watches because they are simple, straightforward and sturdy. The fact that they are made in Henley-on-Thames for me only added to the attraction. I was also amused by the fact that Bremont had been set up by two brothers whose surname is English. I was hooked, have since purchased a couple and given that they are mostly limited editions I can justify my passion for watches and see them as an investment.

My first purchase was a classic pilot's Solo 37 watch, it is smaller than most current timepieces which makes it discreet and understated. Much in the same way when ordering your first Hackett suit, I always recommend a classic navy blue suit and the Solo 37 falls into that category. This pilot's watch has a black dial with easy to read numerals and is one that I wear regularly.

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A while back Bremont very kindly invited me to a classic car event where they were launching their Jaguar D-type watch. It was a fabulous day and I was able to sit in an original D-type. It held particular significance for me because my father used to own and race a D-type, who knows I could have been sitting in his. Unfortunately, I never inherited the car but I do own the watch, and on the plus side I don’t have to worry about parking it or paying the congestion charge. Whenever I go to Goodwood or other car shows this is my preferred choice and it’s a good conversation piece.

During the lockdown, when I had plenty of time on my hands, I whiled an afternoon away checking out the Bremont MBII watch that can be customised to your taste with numerous design options to choose from. The online system is brilliant for people whose time is precious but I wanted to experience it by going to the Bremont shop in Mayfair where I could talk to the sales person dial to dial. For me, it is about whether the watch feels right and to enjoy considering all the choices that includes having it monogrammed with your initials and where the hospitality and service are second to none; “another glass of champagne, Mr Hackett“.



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