Bremont U-2 JET 6

New Releases

Bremont are delighted to introduce you to its new 2019 watch collection. This year’s releases feature several notable additions to the Bremont line up. Our latest creation pays tribute to the triple Le Mans winning Jaguar D-type racing car. Jaguar are producing 25 original specification D-types from 2019, with the accompanying chronometer sporting the blue pantone of the famous Ecurie Ecosse Jaguar racing team.


If you would like to discover the entire collection and everything you need to know about Bremont, then you can request our 2019 edition of the Bremont Brochure here.

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NEW Bremont-Jaguar-D-type-Front
NEW Bremont-S300-BL-Front
NEW Bremont-S300-Bracelet-Front
NEW Bremont-Broadsword-front 2b3a5502-8b33-4ffc-874c-0812a4d56274
NEW Bremont-arrow-front
NEW Bremont-Argonaut-Front
NEW Bremont MB 10th Front 3f5181c5-5933-4348-b059-40ff22727919
NEW Bremont MB 10th Bracelet Front 1c9a6ac0-8214-4c4c-af14-732824ef73bf
NEW Bremont-S2000-front-red
NEW Bremont-S2000-front-yellow
NEW Bremont SOLO 34 AJ BK Black 17f75c51-c190-433a-a8e2-a1793b18aaf7
NEW Bremont SOLO 34 AJ BK Bracelet 2a1fd710-789b-4f7f-961c-59a8c2b9f09a
NEW Bremont SOLO 34 AJ BK Blue b3dafe3d-ac78-494b-a9a7-80bb88034857
NEW Bremont SOLO-34 AJ MP Black Front 67c43d1b-585b-4c88-be27-f297cc8162ce
NEW Bremont SOLO-34 AJ MP Bracelet Front 10b9ad25-6a96-4771-a6b4-5ebbd2dbed8e
NEW Bremont SOLO-34-AJ-WH-Black front 3339ddc7-e79b-4aff-a640-009407b8aaf8
NEW Bremont SOLO-34-AJ-WH-Bracelet Front 2b5526c2-8f81-470d-8229-5cca79c6f115
NEW Bremont SOLO-34-AJ-WH-Blue front 074c7310-7aa3-4f68-80ca-6722d07d2215
NEW Bremont SOLO 34 LC WH Black Front
NEW Bremont SOLO 34 LC WH Bracelet Front
NEW Bremont SOLO 34 LC WH Blue Front 492880e9-8459-46bb-9e4a-3602be0962a1