All I want for Christmas is U-2

If there was one particular watch that would be suitable to adorn the wrist of Father Christmas on his Christmas Eve endeavours it would be the U-2. Developed with the U-2 Spyplane Squadron, the watch has been put through its paces at 100,000 feet and -50°C in the laboratory and out on missions. The U-2 chronometer has most of the advanced elements that were originally developed for the MB range, including the anti-shock rubberised movement mount. Four retail models are available including the new U-2/51-JET which can be seen in the new blockbuster film Venom, on the wrist of Tom Hardy.




U-2-51-JET-BR Front


U-2/51-JET Bracelet

U-22 Front



U-22 BR Front
U-2 SS Front


U-2 SS

U-2 SS BR Front
U-2 BL Front


U-2 Blue

U-2 BL BR Front
5854 Bremont 16972 Orange f25c038e-c45f-4238-b385-4c06a9875a96
5832 Bremont B 15378 Orange B grande d1e8878d-7522-4c4f-a37a-5bbee475de76
5832 Bremont B 15421 Orange e6a2ebd4-b078-40fb-91d5-4a4fbaab4324
5832 Bremont B 15404 Orange 94a07a14-0068-4807-ac48-d4f806af8e3c
5990 Bremont 2778RT LR Sold out
5832 Bremont23861 951204c5-a52a-4ae1-aeaf-18263ff557aa
5832 Bremont23767
5832 Bremont23718B
5832 Bremont23843 Sold out
LR 20mm Vintage Strap
5832 Bremont VintageLeather DarkBrown 22mm
NATO Stone Canvas Shop nobuckle
NATO Grey Canvas Shop-nobuckle
Bremont Black Black Hambleden strap
LR Orange Nato Sold out
5832 Bremont Nato Military KhakiwKhakiStitch 22mm Sold out
Bremont Dark Brown Hambleden strap
Bremont Black Hambleden strap


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