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About Timmy

Dr Timmy Gambin has been Senior Lecturer in Maritime Archaeology in the Department of Classics and Archaeology, University of Malta, since 2012. He graduated in History from this University and went on to attain his Masters in Maritime Archaeology and History from the University of Bristol where he also got his doctorate in Maritime Archaeology. Timmy has been involved in numerous collaborative research projects. These include the PaleoMed Project with the CNRS (Aix en Provence) which is aimed at the reconstruction of ancient coastal landscapes and environments of the Maltese Islands.

"Our Bremont timepieces were an integral part of our setup, ensuring that the dive teams worked within the strict time parameters necessary with such extreme diving”


2017 marked the 75th anniversary of the wreck of the HMS Olympus and to mark the occasion Timmy led an international dive team to descend 115 meters to the site where they laid a memorial plaque by the shipwreck. A monument was also unveiled to honour those who were lost overlooking the former Royal Navy submarine base off Manoel Island, Malta. The vessel struck a mine in the early hours of 8th May and nearly 90 men perished in what has been known as one of the worst naval disasters of the second world war. Only nine of the vessel’s crew members survived after swimming seven miles back to shore in cold water. The spot where the 283-foot-long submarine sank in the Mediterranean Sea was a mystery for 70 years and was only discovered in 2011 using side-scan sonar technology to survey the seabed.



With professional divers in mind, Bremont increased the size of the original Supermarine case to 45mm and re-engineered it to withstand further depths of 2000m/6560ft. The design of the Supermarine was built using Bremont’s unique Trip-Tick three-piece case construction.


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