About Nims

Nirmal Purja, known as Nims, is a Gurkha who proudly served in one of the British military's most distinguished regiments in defence of the United Kingdom. Nims is the first Gurkha to climb Mount Everest while serving the British Military and he is the current holder of multiple World Records for the fastest ascent of double and triple header mountains in the ‘higher than 8000m’ category. Nims was awarded an MBE for his outstanding achievements in high altitude mountaineering. In 2019, Nims embarked on 'Bremont Project Possible', an attempt to scale 14 of the world’s highest peaks, all of them over 8,000m, in just 7 months. The previous record is over 7 years.

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The Bremont S300

Having proven incredibly popular since launch, introducing the S300 White into the Supermarine range is the perfect counterpart to the other darker dialled variants within the line. The contrasting blue ceramic bezel sets off the lighter dial beautifully and matches the blue indexes and two tone Nato strap. In keeping with the existing models, the S300 White features a unidirectional bezel, Super-LumiNova® hands and the 40mm steel case is decorated with the silhouette of the original Supermarine aircraft on the back.

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"This challenge I am about to embark on is certainly hard, but I’m excited and driven by the prospect of creating history."

A challenge like no other

In 2019, Nims embarked on a record-breaking attempt to scale 14 of the world’s highest peaks, all of them over 8,000m. The previous attempt took over 7 years. If successful this will smash that record by completing the challenge in just 7 months. As a retired member of the Gurkhas and SBS, as well as being the current world record holder for climbing 3 of the 8,000ers in the fastest time ever recorded, Bremont ambassador Sporting the new Bremont S300 White, Nims aims to establish a paradigm shift in the perception of human potential, breaking more than 7 speed world records on mountains above 8,000m.


The Supermarine S300 White

What Nims is setting out to achieve is nothing short of extraordinary. There’s an inherent grit and determination that a military background instils. Bremont are thrilled to be supporting him and are looking forward to adding to the mountaineering legacy as Nims puts the S300 white through its paces.


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