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The Kingsman watch line was developed in partnership and collaboration with Director Matthew Vaughn for Kingsman: The Secret Service


    Bremont Watch Company confirms that the Special Edition Kingsman watch range, developed for acclaimed director Matthew Vaughn’s new film Kingsman: The Secret Service, comprises three new models that are featured throughout the film. The film, due to be released February 2015, from 20th Century Fox, stars Colin Firth, Samuel L Jackson, Michael Caine and emerging actor Taron Egerton. The agents from the super-secret British spy organisation, including Nick English, Co-Founder Bremont, who makes a cameo appearance as one of the Kingsmen, can be seen exclusively wearing these custom made Bremont timepieces.

    Kingsman Colin Firth
    Kingsman Colin Firth
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    Kingsman Rose Gold

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    Kingsman Colin Firth Nick English
    Kingsman Colin Firth

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    Bremont was selected to produce a collection of three unique custom made watches for the film. Each Kingsman agent in the film wears a beautifully crafted Kingsman Special Edition Rose Gold on an alligator strap, whilst the trainee recruits sport the black stealth-like Kingsman Special Edition DLC chronograph. Additionally, the Kingsman Special Edition Stainless Steel model is worn by Merlin (Mark Strong) who is the trainer of these potential super spies for the top secret Kingsman organisation. The watches are an integral tool in the secret agents’ gadget line-up. Bremont Co-Founder Nick English even makes a cameo appearance as one of the Kingsman.


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