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Jaguar C-type

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In 1948 Jaguar launched its first post-war sports car at The London Motor Show, the Jaguar XK120. Inspired by its design, the XK120 C was later introduced in 1951, which became widely known as the Jaguar C-type for ‘Competition’ and renowned as a pioneering race car exuding elegance and sophistication. The car was a huge success and unbeatable on the track due to its curvy aerodynamic aluminium bodywork, sophisticated dual-overhead cam 3.4 litre straight sixengine culminating in winning the 1951 and 1953 celebrated 24 hours Le Mans Race and setting a new lap record in the process. The C-type was the first ever race car to use pioneering disc brake technology.


    Bremont is honoured to celebrate this icon of British racing with the introduction of the Bremont Jaguar C-type, combining Bremont’s design aesthetic with the C-type’s signature simplicity and elegance. Originally designed by British Jaguar car designer, aerodynamicist and artist Malcolm Sayer, the C-type was famed for its exceptionally fluid shape, and as with previous Bremont x Jaguar designs, the 43mm case of the Bremont Jaguar C-type draws inspiration from the car itself. The new model joins Bremont’s esteemed collection of Jaguar watches, a series of notable pieces paying homage to both the E-type and D-type respectively. The Bremont Jaguar collection beautifully celebrates these important parts of automotive history, ensuring the legacy and spirit of these legendary cars continues.

    An anodized aluminium bezel directly references the original aluminum bodywork and the silver-plated multi-level sunburst dial design, with brushed dial ring, features the heritage Jaguar logo, black gloss numerals and white sub dials. The red accent on the 9 hour sub dial draws inspiration from the original Smiths gauges from the C-type complemented by the chronograph hand inspired by the needle seen on the original C-type tachymeter. Chronograph and tachymeter functions ensure it will perfectly time that running mile.

    Jaguar C-Type Motorsport Watch
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    “We have enjoyed a special relationship with Jaguar over the past 14 years, working with them on a wonderful series of watch designs honouring some of their most celebrated cars.”


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    a truly british collaboration

    Bremont and Jaguar first collaborated during the launch of the cutting edge Jaguar C-X75 where they developed a unique, analogue dashboard clock. Since then the two iconic British brands have enjoyed a very special relationship producing various concept car clocks, supplying clocks for the Queen’s private fleet of Jaguars, as well as developing a wonderful series of watch designs honouring some of their most celebrated cars.