Limited Edition Wright Flyer


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Bremont unveils the ultimate aviation watch, incorporating original material from the 1903 Wright Flyer, plus its first unique movement


    The 1903 Wright Flyer was built and designed by the Wright Brothers themselves in Dayton, Ohio, USA. It’s the invention and aircraft that changed the way we live today and it has now inspired our latest, and perhaps most unique, limited edition timepiece. The Wright Flyer timepieces feature some of the original fabric used on the 1903 Wright Flyer aircraft. Just as significantly, they showcase Bremont’s first ever proprietary movement, the BWC/01, part-developed and designed in Britain with our Swiss partners.

    Limited to 300 pieces.

    Limited Edition Wright Flyer
    Limited Edition Wright Flyer
    Bremont Chronometers Watches | Mens | WrightFlyer | LTD | ARCHIVE Limited Edition Wright Flyer
    Limited Edition Wright Flyer

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    Rob Holland x Bremont

    Taking to the skies with The Wright Flyer

    In December 1903, the Wright Brothers made history, inspiring the way we live and fly today. This year we are celebrating a new chapter in the history of flight, 10x US National Aerobatic Champion and 5x World freestyle champion Rob Holland, superhuman, inspirational pilot and Bremont ambassador, who is seen here wearing The 'Wright Flyer.'

    British Made


    It is not completely unexpected to find that the world sets its time by Greenwich and not by Geneva. Whilst Geneva and Switzerland may be producing the vast majority of luxury wristwatches today, this certainly wasn’t always the case. In 1800 half of the world's watches, around 200,000 pieces a year, were produced on British shores by British watchmakers, which is an incredible statistic. Another wonderful statistic is that probably over 60-70% of the innovation in a modern day mechanical watch has come from Britain, including every major escapement design. Bremont's mission has always been to play a part in bringing back watchmaking to British shores.

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