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Limited Edition Archive

Although all watches in the Bremont collection are manufactured in limited numbers, occasionally we embark on a very special project to produce something that is uniquely different and extremely limited in volume, typically due to the rarity of the materials we are working with. Whether it is the preservation of heritage or a subject that means a great deal to us, the key defining factor is our passion. Bremont’s first project of this sort was a prime example, released in 2008 the EP120 was engineered using material from one of the most famous and iconic Spitfires flying, this wonderful plane was also owned by a friend of Nick and Giles’ father.

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Boeing 100 Front
ENDURANCE-Front 180226 074742 Sold out
ENDURANCE-BR Front Sold out
Bremont-1918-Rose-Gold-Front 171004 181306 Sold out
EP120 170425 174418 Sold out
P51-Front 170425 174338 Sold out
Terra-Nova 170425 173635 Sold out
Norton V4 Front Sold out